economic mobility

Greenville is one of the fastest growing cities in the Southeast, becoming known for its urban innovation and tremendous quality of life. By contrast, it has one of the lowest rates of economic mobility in the country.

Recognizing this paradox, our strategic focus revolves around five correlated factors influencing economic mobility – residential segregation, income inequality, local school quality, family structure, and social capital – identified in a groundbreaking study by Opportunity Insights, formerly The Equality of Opportunity Project.

As such, we invest our social, moral, intellectual, reputational and financial capital in initiatives and organizations that positively impact the systems that improve economic mobility for everyone in Greenville.


Community Initiatives

fostering a culture of

learning & partnership

Building and sustaining trusting relationships with community stakeholders is core to our success. We aim to foster an environment where we all see each other as equal partners that engage in open and honest dialogue about what it takes to achieve positive community change. The more we share knowledge and learn from each other, the more we can achieve together.