2020 and the start of 2021 have brought an array of crises and challenges to the United States and the Greenville community.

Hollingsworth Funds remains committed to addressing these crises and the underlying inequities they have highlighted. We stand together with our Greenville community to address these health, economic, and social justice trials through funding and thought leadership support of the COVID-19 Community Fund, COVID-19 Arts Relief Fund, Greenville Racial Equity and Economic Mobility Commission (REEM), and other nonprofits and collaborations responding to these challenging times.


We encourage everyone in the Greenville community to do their part in mitigating the impact of COVID-19. Together we can ensure that Greenville is a vibrant and successful community where everyone has a meaningful opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

Racial Equity & Social Justice

The racial awakening that our country is experiencing is a stark reminder for all of us that systemic racism and the resulting racial inequities that persist today cannot be tolerated if we desire to see a Greenville where equitable opportunities exist for all to advance and thrive.

We remain committed to working collaboratively with our fellow community members to deeply examine racial inequity in Greenville and to rebuild the systems that have historically marginalized communities of color for far too long. Let us all use the nation’s growing awareness of racial injustice as a catalyst to redouble our efforts to create meaningful and transformative change for a just Greenville.