Greenville has seen tremendous economic growth over the past decade, particularly in the City’s downtown core. While that growth has been positive in many respects, one of the bi-products of that growth has been increased pressure on Greenville’s housing affordability. A Steering Committee of multiple stakeholders was formed in 2016 to develop and implement a long-term plan to ensure that Greenville has a full and robust housing ladder for all.

Hollingsworth Funds’ Involvement

Hollingsworth Funds has been a long-time investor in housing affordability in Greenville. One of the major barriers to economic mobility is residential segregation by income, occupation and race. The preservation and development of strong mixed-income communities can mitigate the distribution and production challenges our community faces. Hollingsworth has taken a leadership role with ongoing participation on the Steering Committee. We invested in the early stage research and planning work conducted by housing consultant, CZB, and we made a general operating support grant to help launch the Greenville Housing Trust Fund.

While our primary focus is on long-term, systems-level solutions to housing affordability, Hollingsworth continues to invest in specific preservation and new production projects. Recent examples include an investment in Genesis Homes to purchase and preserve 12 lots in Nicholtown as well as an investment into a partnership with the City, Homes of Hope and Habitat for Humanity to build 13 new homes in Sterling.