All South Carolina cities and counties are guided by comprehensive plans that must be updated periodically. Both the City and County of Greenville are responsible for completing updates to their individual comprehensive plans in 2020. These are the best tools that our community has to decide how and where Greenville grows and what priorities matter most.

Greenville County has experienced significant demographic, economic, and land use change since the adoption of the last County Comprehensive Plan, Imagine Greenville County, in 2009. The Greenville County Comprehensive Plan development was run by the planning and urban design firm MKSK that was based on an iterative process of sharing, critiquing, and refining plan concepts and alternatives. The Project Team collaborated with a core team of County staff, a Stakeholder Advisory Committee, appointed and elected officials, and Greenville County citizens with a goal of creating a shared vision for the future of Greenville County. The final plan was adopted in February 2020.

The City of Greenville is in the process of developing a new Comprehensive Plan, Greenville 2040, to determine City priorities for the next 20 years. The community is helping shape the vision and making recommendations through several engagement opportunities. The process is being guided by a 42-member citizen steering committee with oversight by the City’s Planning & Development Department, in collaboration with the consultant team of czb. The plan is expected to be adopted by winter 2020.

Hollingsworth Funds’ Involvement

The long-term impact that effective Comprehensive Plans can have across issues of land use, housing affordability, transportation, workforce development, education, and other key areas of our community cannot be understated. Hollingsworth Funds staff participate on both the City and County Comprehensive Plan steering committees and we are encouraging our social, public and private sector partners to participate in and contribute to the planning process.