Chronic homelessness remains a challenge in Greenville County. A group of homeless service providers and key community stakeholders formed a task force to work collectively toward more long-term coordinated strategies. This led to the creation of the Alliance with a mission to establish and coordinate an accessible system of support services and to increase options for individuals who are experiencing homelessness and who are seeking stability and a safe, affordable home. Its goals are to make homelessness brief by reducing the duration that individuals and families experience homelessness and to make homelessness rare by increasing housing options for those at risk of homelessness.


Hollingsworth Funds’ Involvement

Hollingsworth is motivated to support the growth of the Alliance because of its systems-level focus on increasing the economic mobility of one of Greenville’s most vulnerable populations. The work of the Alliance is also closely aligned with aspects of the housing and transportation initiatives. Hollingsworth has provided research, planning and operating support. In addition, we are considering investments in distinct elements of the Alliance’s collective work including the production of permanent supportive housing, the creation of a medical respite program as well as ongoing advocacy and education.