LiveWell Greenville was established in 2010 as a network of organizations partnering to ensure access to healthy eating and active living for every Greenville County resident. Originally housed under the YMCA of Greenville County, LiveWell Greenville spun out into an independent public charity in 2016 and has become the primary vehicle through which partner organizations can successfully promote positive change for healthier residents. Most notably it led a campaign to successfully advocate for healthier school lunches that are now served in every school in the District. The coalition supports schools, neighborhoods, and businesses through resources, collaboration and evaluation to promote healthy eating and active living.

Hollingsworth Funds’ Involvement

We have been long-time supporters of LiveWell, initially providing project support through the YMCA, and more recently with general operating support as LiveWell expands its role as an intermediary with a proven track record of systems-level change in Greenville.