OnTrack Greenville is a community initiative to ensure middle school youth stay on track toward high school graduation through improved outcomes in attendance, behavior and course performance. It is grounded in research and follows a straightforward theory of change: Match the right students to the right interventions at the right time to create a pathway to success in school and life. OnTrack is a whole-child approach using an innovative evidence-based dropout prevention and school transformation model designed to systematically address the challenges students face.


Hollingsworth Funds’ Involvement

We are motivated to invest in OnTrack because increasing economic mobility is dependent on preparing students for post-secondary and career success and middle school is a time when too many students start to disengage with school and take the first steps on the path towards dropping out of high school. Initially fueled by a federal Social Innovation Fund grant, OnTrack is a partnership with Greenville County Schools, Prisma, several nonprofit intervention partners, the United Way and the Greenville Partnership for Philanthropy. Hollingsworth Funds provides a comprehensive investment in OnTrack which includes grant support to several intervention partners and backbone support for OnTrack staff through the United Way. We also invest our social, intellectual and reputational capital by playing a leadership role on the Steering and Expansion Committees.