Thanks to the leadership of the Piedmont Health Foundation, a study of public transit and health and human services transportation was conducted in 2015 to better understand transit mobility in the community and to identify ways to increase residents’ ability to travel in Greenville County.  A task force was established to oversee research and data analysis, develop recommendations and implement change. The results of that research have led to increased momentum among numerous public, private and social stakeholders to advocate for major changes to our transportation system.

Hollingsworth Funds’ Involvement

Hollingsworth Funds recognizes that lack of access to efficient and effective transportation is one of the major cross-sector barriers influencing economic mobility. The Transportation Initiative is yet another example of multiple stakeholders looking to come together around a common purpose.  We were an early stage investor in the research and planning of the transit mobility study. We have provided match funding for Greenlink’s successful application to the Federal Transit Administration’s Low or No Emission Vehicle Program to secure new Proterra buses and we are currently evaluating grant opportunities to invest in other selected implementation strategies. In addition to our financial commitments, our board and staff continues to utilize its social, moral, intellectual and reputational capital by serving on leadership committees and advocating for policy change across a number of transportation-related issues.