Due to the number of correlative factors associated with economic mobility and the complexity of the systems in which they exist, we believe that a collective approach to problem solving is required. Multiple stakeholders working together towards a common goal have a better chance of positively impacting long-term change. This is why we focus investment of our philanthropic capital in multi-stakeholder initiatives. Below are examples of some of the initiatives in which we currently invest.

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In addition to our focus on multi-stakeholder initiatives, we also support a number of core partners and intermediaries that advocate for improved economic mobility beyond the walls of their individual organizations. Below are several examples.

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As a charitable supporting organization, we have named beneficiaries that receive the majority of our annual distributions. Furman University, our primary beneficiary, receives 45% of our annual distributions. The YMCA of Greenville, our secondary beneficiary, receives 10% of our annual distributions. The remaining 45% is distributed to public charities benefiting Greenville County, primarily to initiatives and organizations aligned with Our Approach.